Where in Africa could PALEOHUMANS have come from?


There are major mysteries about human evolution that can now be solved.

A wave of humans came out of Africa to Eurasia between 70,000 - 50,000 years ago.

It is a mystery where they came from, and why the bizarre human ape evolved as it did:

whe and why did human babies evolve furless bodies, subcutaneous fat-cells (for blubber),

large heads on weak necks, and their innate facility for advanced language?



I think humans evolved on Bioko Island in a Galapagos-like scenario:


Chimpanzees live in western Africa, in rainforest where there are no fossils, because bones decay fast in wet soil. About 7 million years ago, a few chimpanzees may have rafted 40 km to proto-Bioko—a newly formed volcanic island. There were no trees and no large predators. The only foods were seaweeds, crabs, shellfish, sea-turtle eggs and sea-turtle meat. Many huge sea turtles visit the beaches each night to lay eggs. The chimpanzees had reliable marine food and warm rain nearly every day.


Marine chimps probably became humans within a million years: they waded on two legs, evolved a bald blubbery body, a big brain (from marine DHA fat), a hooded nose and descended larynx (for diving), long head-hair for babies to grab, no estrus-signals, 46 chromosomes, and other human traits. Marine selection pressures can explain all differences between humans and chimpanzees.


For the next 6 million years, I imagine a population of 1000 paleohumans along the 200 km coast (34 km of beaches). The island's rugged interior was unappealing. In their easy life—playing in the water, singing and talking—they used language with advanced syntax. They had no weapons, fire, or clothes on the safe, warm, and cloudy island. Any traces they left are now below sea level.


Some paleohumans (Homo erectus, Denisovans, Neanderthals) got away. They began inventing things and left some fossils. A land bridge emerged 70,000 years ago and many came to Africa. That can explain 'ghost DNA'.  Y-DNA and Bantu languages seem to have their origins near Bioko.


Here I propose just 3 stages to us: Marine chimpanzees -> Paleohumans -> Hunter-gatherers But my scientific paper on this new paradigm is being avoided. Experts have to uphold their East African paradigm—in it their hominid-expertise is valued.   Four of the key fossils are falsifications.




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